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Help!  -  How do I create my own logo???


To create an instant logo, follow these simple steps. First, Pick a font name which you would like to create a logo with. Then Click on the Font Example area shown in the below image.

Font Example


Now you should arive at the font menu page. There are three choices that you can make.
1) Make Mouseover Logo With RansomNote
2) Make a Logo With RansomNote
3) View RansomNote's Characters

Font Menu Page....


It is a good idea to view the fonts characters to make sure that the letters you want are available in that font. This page shows you all of the available characters which you can use to create a logo or the ones you can use on your home PC!

Font Characters


Now, lets "Make Logo With RansomNote" There are a total of 6 optional fields (Text input areas).

1) Text to Appear in Logo: (type what text you wish to make your logo with)

2) Font Size: The size of the font you have chosen

3) Character Spacing: The number of spaces you wish to have between each letter of the logo (usually keep 0 the value)

4) Inside Border: This is the extra space between the text and the end of the image (4 is the default value)

5) Outside Border: This option allows you to create a solid frame or border around the logo, in any color you want. The value is the thickness of the line you would like.

6) Make Transparent: This option makes the logo so you can place it on any color background on the internet and the origional color or texture will be seen.

Font Options


"Make a Logo With RansomNote Step 2" There are a 2-3 optional fields, choices (In this case radio buttons).

1) Border Color : The color you wish to have as your border around the image. (This option is only visable if you have chosen to have a border size greater then 0

2) Font Color: The color of the font you wish to make with the logo

3) Background Color: This option is used to make a color behind the logo.

Font Options


"Make a Logo With RansomNote Step 3" Choose from the following 2 choices, (In this case radio two buttons).

Do you want to use a texture?

1) Yes : By selecting this option, you will be able to apply a colorful texture to your logo.

2) No: This option creates the logo with the solid color that you had chosen in the colors page.

Font Options


"Make a Logo With RansomNote Step 4" If you choose NO for Step 3, skip step 4
Texture selection page

Select the texture you wish to be applyed to your logo, and hit Make Logo

Font Options


"Congratulations! You have created your logo!"

Font Options


"Make Mouseover Logo With RansomNote"

What is a mouseover logo? The easist way to see is to make one!
1) Please choose the options for the regular (up) logo. Follow #4 to fill out this page. The only difference is that this page is for your UP logo, which means the text that will show when a mouse is not on top of it.

2) Please choose the options for the regular (up) logo. Follow #5 (step2) to fill out this page. This will be the colors of the logo, background, and border of the image, when a mouse is not over the image.

3) Please choose the options for the regular (up) logo. Follow #6 (step3)to fill out this page. This is the option to apply a texture to the UP Logo.

4) Please choose the options for the regular (up) logo. Follow #7 (step4)to fill out this page. This page allows you to pick the texture you wish to put on the UP Logo.

5) Follow the last for steps for the Up logo , this time for the down logo (the second image which is shown when a mouse goes over an image)

6) Below is the options for this logo, there are a total of 4 options to choose from
a) URL Of Hyperlink: Please input the URL ( that you wish to link the logo to.
b) Alt Text: Please input the text you wish to appear when a mouse is placed over the logo.
c) Target Frame: This option is used to chose the frame in which you want the logo to link to (advanced users)
d) Logo Number: Use this option when you are going to place more then one mouseover logo on a page. If you have 3 logos, you should place a different number in this box each time you create the logos.

Font Options

7) Finally copy the "Code To Put On Page:" and place it in your HTML document in any text editor.

CONGRATULATIONS! You Have made a Mouseover Logo!

(TRY ME!, glide your mouse over this image!)


***You must save all logos to your server, they are DELETED every few hours.